Governors Roles & Responsibilities

Each governor has a role to play within the full governing body and is assigned a specific area of school life to monitor and evaluate its effectiveness within the school.


Specific Responsibilities



Vulnerable Children Governor (including Safeguarding/Child Protection & Looked After Children)

Mrs Jane Corner & Mr Christopher Burke

SEND Governor

Mrs Jane Corner & Mrs Margaret Quinn

Financial Liaison, Pupil Premium & P.E. Premium Governors

Dr James Dewey & Mrs Marianne Halliwell

Governor for Standards, Performance & Pupil Progress

Mrs Marianne Halliwell

Governors for Conflict Resolution

Rev Fr John Hindley & Mr Peter Rushton

Governor for Spiritual Life & Ethos

Rev Fr John Hindley

Premises Inspection Panel

Mrs Helen Ashton, Mr Jerome Favier & Mr Christopher Burke

Headteacher’s Appraisal Panel

Mr Peter Rushton, Dr James Dewey & Mrs Caroline Draper

Pay Committee

Remit:  To make decisions about performance related pay for teachers and the headteacher

Mrs Marianne Halliwell (Chair)

Rev Fr John Hindley

Mrs Margaret Quinn

Finance & General Purposes Committee

Mrs M Halliwell (Chair)

Mrs H Ashton

Mrs S Grundy

Mr C Burke

Dr J Favier

Mr J Hanley

Pay Appeals Committee

Remit:  To hear appeals about decisions made by the Pay Committee

Mr Christopher Burke

Mrs Jane Corner

Mr Jerome Favier

Curriculum & Standards Committee

Dr J Dewey (Chair)

Mrs H Ashton

Mr P Rushton

Mrs J Corner

Mr J Hanley

Mrs E Stack (Associate Member)

Ad-hoc Committees:


  • Pupil Discipline
  • Complaints
  • Appeals

Three governors with no prior knowledge will be called alphabetically to form the committee.

Staff Appointments Committees

Drawn up (in alphabetical order) when required as outlined in the Scheme of Delegation for Staffing Matters.