Universal Free School Meals

Since September 2014, every infant school child from Reception to Year 2 is eligible to receive a hot meal at school for free.

We believe that the school lunchtime is a great opportunity for all our children to sit down together and enjoy their healthy and tasty meal, while developing their social skills.  We therefore hope that all parents will take up this offer of a free school meal for their infant children. 

Parents can pre-order children's lunch choices via the internet using our  'Live Kitchen' system.  You simply need to provide us with an email address and we will arrange for log in details to be sent to you.


Free School Meals

Parents who are on low income can apply for free schools meals for their children.  You can check eligibility and apply by clicking here

If you need any help with this process please contact the the school office who will assist.


Paid School Meals

The cost of a school meal from September 2018 is £2.30 per day, £11.50 per week payable on Monday mornings. 

Parents can also pre-order children's lunch choices via the internet using our  'Live Kitchen'   system.

Parents can now  sign up for the convenience of paying for school meals by direct debit without having to fill in and post a form.  It only takes a few minutes and will save you having to find cash or write cheques to pay for your school meals.

School Meals Menu from September 2018