Catholic Life and R.E

Collective Worship

At St Bernadette’s we always strive to provide quality experiences of prayer and liturgy that support our pupils’ spiritual development. These communal acts of prayer and the liturgical celebrations of the Church form part of everyday life in our school. Every child is given the opportunity to pray by giving praise and thanks to God using traditional prayers of the Catholic Church and many other sources of prayer that enable this to take place. We encourage the children to nurture a relationship with God through words, symbols, song, actions, gestures and silence. Prayer is such an integral part of school life that it can never be confined to ‘timetabled’ slots but may take place in a variety of contexts other than those specifically structured.

Central to our prayer life in St Bernadette’s is the weekly Key Stage Collective Worship and prayer assembly. Children participate in a variety of ways: praying, reading, singing, drama, preparing the display and choosing music and scripture to emphasise a specific focus of the Collective Worship, which changes each week.

In addition to Collective Worship, each class attends the Parish Mass each Tuesday on a rota. This is in order to help the children further develop their understanding of the richness of the Word and the Eucharist and engage in active service with the wider parish community.

Other opportunities for prayer take place within the classroom at the start of each day, before and after lunch and again at the end of each day. Prayer in the classrooms and in assemblies always includes use of symbols and a focal point for prayer which is appropriate to the liturgical season, for example, Lent, Advent or Easter. During all these times of prayer, both staff and pupils are involved in leading and participating.

The school is very blessed in having a very supportive priest (Fr John Hindley) within the parish who is in school regularly helping our children to experience what it means to belong to, or take part in the worshiping community of the Church. The children are fortunate to be able to experience the richness of the liturgical life of the Church in many ways throughout the year such as the Stations of the Cross during Lent, Our May Procession, Carol Service at Christmas and the Celebration of Holy Days of obligation throughout the year.

RE - Come and see

On this page we have gathered information about our approach to Religious Education as a Roman Catholic faith school. Our Mission Statement, “Growing Together in Faith, Love and Learning” demonstrates how we value the inspiration and light of Christ at the centre of our lives, in all that we do together for ourselves and the good of others.

What is Religious Education?

Religious Education is about engaging with the deepest questions of life and finding reasons for the hope which is within them (Peter 3:15).

It is about the Christian vision of the human person

It is the core subject which is central to the life of Our Catholic School

Religious Education is the study of:

  • The mystery of God, as discovered in the Bible and particularly through the life and teachings of Jesus Christ.
  • The teachings of the Church
  • The lives of the Saints
  • The relationship between faith and lifeClassroom Religious Education in school is primarily educational
  • Excellence in Religious Education is achieved by

Expectations of the teaching and learning of Religious Education

Classroom Religious Education in school is primarily educational

Excellence in Religious Education

  • Clarity of succinct religious learning objectives
  • Key content
  • By appropriate methodologies
  • Rigour
  • Richness of resources
  • Achievement and accurate assessments

Come and See is a Catholic Primary Religious Education programme for Foundation and Key stages 1 and 2. The programme of study, written by a group of experienced diocesan advisors was introduced across St Bernadette’s Catholic Primary School in September 2012 and has been warmly received by staff and pupils. The child friendly material provided within Come and See allows children to explore the teachings of the Catholic Church through the use of age appropriate resources and activities. Each year group from Foundation 1 to year 6 have their own list of focus topics to consider throughout the academic year. The topic will coincide with the church calendar however, the depth in which the topic is explored is dependent upon the respective age of the child. For example, during Lent, whilst all children will learn about the plight of Christ, our Early Years children will consider the importance of growing and new life; Key Stage 1 children explore the effect of change and opportunities, with Key Stage 2 children considering the importance of self-discipline, sacrifice, death and new life. At the heart of the programme is the mystery of God’s self-revelation of love through Jesus Christ. Come and See gives pupils the opportunity to explore the mystery of faith through Scripture and Tradition. 

Our Approach to Teaching RE:

We follow the Come & See programme, which sets out each topic through the headings of Explore, Reveal and Respond. These take four weeks to complete and are broken down as follows:

Explore (ONE week to complete) This is when we introduce the topic, where the children’s life experience is explored, the question(s) it raises are wondered at, shared, investigated and their significance reflected upon.

Reveal (TWO weeks)  This is the heart of the programme where knowledge and understanding of the Catholic faith is revealed through the Word, in Scripture, Tradition, doctrine, prayers, rites and Christian living.

Respond (ONE week) This is where the learning is assimilated, celebrated and responded to in daily life. Part of our celebrations and sharing with our school community is fulfilled in End of Topic celebrations for Phase Groups (e.g. EYFS, KS1, Lower KS2 & Upper KS2).


RSE – A Journey in Love

‘Growing Together in Faith, Love & Learning’

At St Bernadette’s Catholic Primary School we recognise that as parents you are the first educators of your children, and in doing so have primary responsibility in teaching your children how to build healthy, loving relationships. Our catholic school also plays a vital part in supporting you in doing this. 

The Governors of St Bernadette’s have adopted the ‘Journey in Love’ programme to support Relationships and Sex Education throughout the school (Reception to Year 6)as one part of our RSHE curriculum offer alongside HeartSmart.

The programme is authentic to the teachings of the Catholic Church.

Journey of Life

For each of us, life is like a journey

Birth is the beginning of this journey,

And death is not the end; but the destination.

It is a journey that takes us

From youth to age,

From innocence to awareness,

From ignorance to knowledge,

From foolishness to wisdom,

From weakness to strength and often back again,

From offence to forgiveness

From pain to compassion,

From fear to faith,

From defeat to victory and from victory to defeat,

Until, looking backward or ahead,

We see that victory does not lie

At some high point along the way,

But in having made the journey,

Stage by stage.

Adapted from an Old Hebrew Prayer

Love is an art to be learned. 

It is a giving experience, a selfless act.

Every experience of love gives us yet another glimpse of the meaning of love in God himself. 

Human love is the instrument we can use to explore the mystery of love which God is’ 

Cardinal Basil Hume

A Journey In Love is a resources created by Sister Jude Groden of BRES. It is the recommended programme of study for Catholic schools for Sex and Relationship Education, and has been written as a progressive scheme of work that supports the Religious Education, PSHE and Science curricula taught within the school.

As children progress through the school, they discover more and more about themselves and the wider world. The thirst for learning new things is fostered by the school, as we create a safe and stimulating environment for learning and supporting all children in their development.

A Journey in Love supports children in growing and developing healthy and holistically towards an understanding of their gender and its implications for successful relationships, for this is happen children must be at ease with themselves and grow in self-knowledge.

Throughout ‘A Journey In Love’ an aspect of the mystery of love is focussed upon in each group, children and young people are encouraged to marvel at the wonder and beauty of God’s creative love. This is reflected in each stage of a person’s growth in the Primary Years through a series of suggested, progressive and developmental tasks, activities and reflections which focus on physical, social, emotional, intellectual and spiritual development.

As with all aspects of learning, children are naturally curious and many will have questions related to their lessons. Opportunities to discuss questions form part of the lessons and again these are treated with care and understanding.

Below, is a brief outline of the content of the programme: 

Reception: God loves each of us in our uniqueness

Y1: We meet God’s love in our family

Y2: We meet God’s love in the community

Y3: How we live in love

Y4: God loves us in our differences

Y5: God loves me in my changing and development

Y6: The wonder of God’s love in creating new life 

British Values

At St. Bernadette’s Catholic Primary School we recognise that all children need a broad and balanced education which develops them academically, spiritually, morally, socially and culturally, in preparation for a life in British society.  The promotion of ‘British values’ as set out by the Government in its 2011 Prevent Strategy and defined by the DFE document ‘Promoting fundamental British values through SMSC’ in schools is central to Catholic education because British values have their origin in the Christian values of our nation. We are committed to serving our community and local area.  In so doing we reinforce British values regularly and in the following ways:


Democratic values are an explicit part of the ethos at St. Bernadette’s. All adults listen to the views of the pupils and value their opinions. Pupils have further opportunity to have their voices heard through our School Council and Pupil Voice interviews. The elections of School Council and the GIFT Team are the result of pupil votes and these groups canvas the opinions of their peers.

The Rule of Law 

The importance of laws and rules are consistently reinforced in the classroom, as well as through school assemblies. Pupils are taught to understand the need for laws – that they are there for individual protection, the responsibilities that this involves and the consequences when laws are broken. Pupils follow a positive behaviour policy and clearly understand the rewards and sanctions that are used. Assemblies and discussions in class focus on recognising right from wrong and visits from authorities such as the Police, Fire Service and other local community representatives help to reinforce these messages.

Individual Liberty 

Pupils are encouraged to be independent learners, constantly making choices, within a safe and supportive environment. Developing their self esteem and self-confidence is very important. Pupils are encouraged to understand their personal freedoms and are taught how to use these rights to best effect. All pupils are keen to support charities, whether local, national or global. They are taught consideration for others through our Religious Education curriculum and PSHE lessons in particular. E-safety teaching enables them to make choices in a safe manner.

Mutual Respect 

Our school’s ethos and behaviour policy are based on Gospel values, with the important commandment being, ‘Love one another as I have loved you’. Assemblies constantly promote respect for others and the importance of good manners.  All pupils are taught the importance of self-respect, honest and open communication with others and fair play. Pupils work collaboratively and value others’ opinions. Through focus days, such as our Hand of Friendship Refugee Day or Anti-Bullying Days, we aim to highlight all of the things we value as a school that promotes equality and respect for all who serve in our school community. 

Tolerance of those of different faiths and beliefs 

This is achieved through our Religious Education curriculum and the spiritual life of the school.  Assemblies and class work promote the diversity of society and the right for each person to be respected and valued equally regardless of ability, gender, faith, heritage or race. We celebrate the differences between all people and cultures and aim to recognise what is good in everything we do and learn about.  Members of different faiths or religions are invited to school to share their knowledge and enhance learning within assemblies and in class. Through events such as our ‘ Hand of Friendship Refugee Day’, all children experience a connection with other cultures and beliefs.

Lisa Nandy, Member of Parliament for Wigan, recently visited St. Bernadette’s to speak to the children about the importance of citizenship and democracy.

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