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St Bernadette's Catholic Primary School

Growing together in faith, love & learning

Curriculum Overview


The Curriculum is balanced and broadly based, promoting the spiritual, moral, cultural, mental and physical development of all pupils to fulfil their potential. Please see behind the individual class doors for class specific curriculum maps and year end expectations.

English Curriculum:

Writing Each class works on minimum end of year expectations to raise standards in writing. Learning objectives have been identified for each term for Reception to Year Six, outlining a range of work to be covered, including fiction, poetry and non-fiction.

Reading Phonics are taught every day in the Foundation Stage and Key Stage One. Each child is taught at an appropriate phase, according to their ability, using the Letters and Sounds scheme linked to the Jelly and Bean and Oxford Reading Tree Schemes. Other books are used to supplement the reading scheme and these are banded according to ability and progression. The banded reading scheme continues into Key Stage Two and the older children move onto reading library books and reading for enjoyment.

A home reading scheme has been developed to ensure that each child is reading at a level that is appropriate to them. All children take home graded reading/library books. The School strongly urges parents to support and encourage their child’s reading at home and to continue to share other texts with their child.

Numeracy Curriculum:

The School uses a variety of schemes to support delivery of the numeracy curriculum. As with English the children work on minimum end of year expectations to raise standards. Children are actively involved in work concerning numbers and the number system, calculations and making sense of number problems with regular opportunities to expand their mental ability.

Religious Education Curriculum:

As a Catholic school we strive to put Christ at the centre of everything we do by integrating Gospel values and the teachings of the Catholic Church into every aspect of learning, teaching and the totality of school life. We realise that a child’s journey through school is also a journey of faith. We help to guide the children in our care along this journey through daily Collective Worship and Christian meditation. The school also follows the Archdiocesan scheme “Come and See” to teach RE. The children attend Mass and other services on a regular basis and we work with Home and Parish to prepare children in Key Stage Two for sacramental celebration. Parents are regularly invited to join the children in our sharing assemblies and collective worship. There are also a number of services throughout the year when we gather together as a school community to celebrate our faith and reflect on the importance of our relationship with God.

Assessment and Support:

The children’s progress in all subjects is monitored throughout the year using teacher observation and tests. This progress is then tracked using “School Pupil Tracker” and extra support given to those children identified as in need.


Further information on performance and school league tables can be found at