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St Bernadette's Catholic Primary School

Growing together in faith, love & learning

Child Consultation 

In school, the children have been exploring what is meant by being HeartSmart - looking at the RSHE curriculum and the topics they cover. As part of this consultation, the children had to prioritise 9 areas of our curriculum out of Healthy Relationships, Money, Rights and Responsibilities, Healthy Lifestyles, Keeping Safe, Media Influence, Hurtful Behaviour and anti-bullying, Valuing Difference and Growing and Change. 

In small groups, they then discussed which of these areas they would like to extend their learning in.

Some children also took part in a questionnaire. The outcomes and planned actions in response to these can be seen below.


  • Our children tell us they enjoy RSHE and ‘Journey In Love’ lessons with 100% of them saying they strongly agree or agree. 
  • They all tell us they find them interesting and engaging and enjoy the wide range of activities offered. 
  • They all feel that they learn a lot in them. 
  • Most of the children (80%) tell us they feel comfortable sharing their ideas and thoughts.

The children have told us they wish to learn more about racism, puberty, how their brain works and why people behave in the way they do.  

Thinking about the world around them, they would like to learn more about the environment, how we effect it and what we can do to help. 

Class Child Consultation 

In our class consultation across the school (rec-Y6) the children told us they felt the most important topic for them to learning about was Keeping Safe with Rights and Responsibilities a close second. Their third most important topic is Valuing Difference. 

Least important to our children is ‘Understanding and handling, money.’ 

Part of the consultation involved the children exploring the topics in the curriculum and discussing which areas they want to learn more about. 

Once again, Keeping Safe is the topic they most wanted to extend their knowledge and understanding. 

The second topic is Healthy Relationships with Healthy Lifestyles in third place. 


  • To ensure all children feel comfortable in our RSHE lessons, we will create a shared code of conduct for the lessons encouraging the children to feel ‘safe to share.’
  • Build in a themed topic relating to the environment in our Geography curriculum
  • Hold an annual environmental warriors day.
  • Form a Eco Warriors Club to explore important topics and campaigns.
  • Ensure cross curricular links build on opportunities to explore Keeping Safe in further detail.
  • Review HeartSmart Curriculum
  • Organise a Keeping Safe Day across school looking at different aspects of the curriculum to extend their knowledge and understanding beyond the curriculum content.