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Design Technology

“In Jerusalem his inventors made equipment for shooting arrows and for throwing large stones from the towers and corners of the city wall. His fame spread everywhere, and he became very powerful because of the help he received from God.”  (2 Chronicles 26:15)


  • To ensure consistent and high quality Design and Technology education throughout the school which provides for our children an understanding of how ideas can inform the design of products.
  • To create a learning experience where our children to be able to identify real and relevant problems, critically evaluate existing products and then take risks and innovate when designing and creating solutions to these problems.
  • For our children to be able to apply a repertoire of learned technical knowledge, understanding and skills (drawing on disciplines such as mathematics, science, engineering, computing, art, textiles and cooking) in order to design, make and evaluate a wide variety of prototypes.
  • For our children to able to evaluate their made prototypes and using what they have learned, create an improved design and a better end product.


  • The three main stages of Design Technology as outlined by the National Curriculum are Design, Make and Evaluate.
  • The five aspects of Design Technology (Cooking and Nutrition, Mechanical Systems, Textiles, Structures and Electrical Systems) are underpinned by technical knowledge which are our core skills and children must learn in order to ensure progression.
  • Cooking and Nutrition is separate with a focus on specific principles, skills and techniques in food, including where food comes from, diet and seasonality.
  • From this, the National Curriculum organises Design and Technology attainment targets under 5 subheadings: Design, Make, Evaluate, Technical Knowledge and Cooking and nutrition.
  • Each term we have dedicated a Design and Technology Week to allow pupils to become fully immersed in all stages and see their projects through from start to finish.
  • Clear Design and Technology Teaching and Learning expectations are consistently adhered to across the school following our Non-Negotiables.
  • During Design and Technology lessons, technical skills are carefully demonstrated and modelled first, then with encouragement, scaffolds and peer-collaboration, children can subsequently explore and practice this themselves.
  • We teach children to work collaboratively, use trial and error and then reflect on those experiences; focusing on the process of the project, as well as the finished product.
  • Design and Technology teaching at St Bernadette’s Primary School involves adapting and extending the curriculum to match all pupils’ needs. Whilst challenge is built into every lesson for the more able, support is in place for those children with additional needs. We use adaptive teaching – which includes explicit instruction, cognitive and metacognitive strategies, scaffolding, flexible grouping and through using technology.


  • In our Design and Technology Books we will see clear progression of skills across each year group.
  • Ultimately children at St. Bernadette’s will know more, remember more and understand more about Design and Technology through regular overlearning sessions supported by Design and Technology displays and knowledge organisers.
  • The learning environment across the school will be more consistent with Design and Technology technical vocabulary displayed, spoken and used by all learners and staff.
  • As designers, children will develop skills and attributes they are able to use beyond school and into adulthood.
  • Children will show that they feel comfortable enough to take risks, becoming resourceful, innovative, enterprising and capable citizens.




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