St Bernadette’s Catholic Primary School

Growing Together in Faith, Love and Learning


“For God loved the world so much that he gave his only Son, so that everyone who believes in him may not die but have eternal life.”  (John 3:16)


  • Deliver a high quality curriculum that inspires curiosity about the world we live in and the people who live in it.
  • Equip pupils with knowledge of places, people, resources in the environment, formation and the use of landscapes.
  • Have knowledge of countries, continents and oceans.
  • Develop strong geographical skills through mapping and fieldwork units.


  • Geography is taught in half termly topics.
  • Teachers teach the topics mapped out in the Geography Curriculum Map, applying the skills mapped out in the Geography Skills Progression Document.
  • Teachers teach the knowledge mapped out in the topic medium term overviews.
  • All children begin their Geography with a mapping unit to equip them with strong mapping skills that can be applied within their topics.
  • Fieldwork units are mapped out across the year so that each year group has the opportunity to learn and apply fieldwork skills.
  • Subject specific vocabulary is taught explicitly and used regularly in lessons by both adults and children.
  • Visual Knowledge Organisers are used in all classes to help children retain new learning over time. They are built upon every lesson and referred to regularly in lessons.


  • Children are excited and engaged in their learning. They are curious and have a wide range of knowledge about the world they live in.
  • End of unit quizzes are used to support teacher assessment.
  • They acquire a range of geographical skills that they are able to apply independently.
  • Children can apply the mapping skills learnt in their yearly fieldtrip experience.
  • Children are able to use a wide range of geographical vocabulary confidently, in context.