St Bernadette’s Catholic Primary School

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“Look for a moment at ancient wisdom; consider the truths our ancestors learned.” (Job 8:8)


  • We aim for a high-quality History curriculum that inspires pupils’ curiosity and that they enjoy learning about both in the classroom and on educational visits.
  • We ensure that our History curriculum is fully inclusive to every child and that skills and concepts are taught progressively throughout each year group.
  • Our children will start to consider how to the past influences the present and be able to compare and contrast events that have happened around the world.
  • Our children will have a secure understanding of chronological events and significant people from our History.
  • Our children have access to appropriate equipment to support their research about historical events.


  • At St. Bernadette’s our EYFS children access historical learning through ‘understanding the world’ where they learn about past and present events.


  • We ensure History is taught from Year 1 to Year 6 in half termly units and we will also make links to other subjects during cross-curricular activities.
  • Our history lessons are enquiry based and the outcome is our mapped out key knowledge.
  • Our key knowledge is displayed on a large visual knowledge organisers to support children to learn more and remember more over time.
  • Our History lessons are appropriately pitched to support and challenge all pupils.
  • Our History curriculum is based on the units available on Key Stage History and is adapted by class teachers. We also teach a variety of local history topics in EYFS, KS1, lower KS2 and upper KS2.
  • At St Bernadette’s we incorporate historical artefacts, visits and visitors to encourage our children to be enthusiastic about History and to develop a greater understanding of their topic.
  • At St Bernadette’s we teach carefully sequenced lessons that demonstrate progression that builds on prior learning. We also ensure there is progression throughout each year group’s History topics.
  • At the start of each unit, our children use timelines to ensure that they understand and link different periods of history in a chronological manner.
  • Our History Subject Leader ensures that History is planned, taught and evaluated well, by conducting monitoring throughout the academic year, via pupil/staff voice, lesson observations and book scrutiny.


  • We use assessment effectively throughout the year, via work completed throughout the topic and end of topic quizzes to allow teachers to state whether children are working towards, at or exceeding age related expectations.
  • Our children demonstrate enthusiasm about the subject and can confidently talk about History.
  • A high number of children achieve expected standard or above by the end of each Key Stage and those who are working towards are assisted through targeted support.
  • Our children can complete independent tasks through projects and homework due to the excitement they feel surrounding the subject.
  • Our school environment supports learning and allows children to become more familiar with historical vocabulary through the use of classroom displays.





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