St Bernadette’s Catholic Primary School

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Laudato Si’ Eco Club

“Living our vocation to be protectors of God’s handiwork is essential to a life of virtue; it is not an optional or a secondary aspect of our Christian experience.”

Pope Francis, Laudato Si, P217

‘Laudato Si’ and Caring for our Planet 

‘Laudato Si’, the second encyclical of Pope Francis, invites us to protect God’s creation for future generations. It asks us to embrace lifestyle changes for our own good as well as to take care of people who are poor and are more vulnerable. Pope Francis calls for all people of the world to take ‘swift and unified global action’.

The Aims of St. Bernadette’s Eco Club

Inspired by Pope Francis’ message in ‘Laudato Si’, St Bernadette’s Eco Club are a pro-active group of enthusiastic pupils who identify environmental issues around school and find solutions to help improve the school community and want to make a difference. They are passionate about engaging others to participate in meaningful projects, to drive change and raise environmental awareness.

Our Pupils

The school is very proud of just how many pupils are interested and want to take an active role in promoting environmental issues and sustainability. 

We have our Planet Protector Group who are made up of a growing number of children in our school who care deeply about environmental issues and have a real desire to protect our planet and wildlife.  They help to run our ‘Laudato Si’ Eco Club.


Eco Club Activities

Recent activities have included:

* Presenting an assembly to the school to let them know who we are, what we do and how we can all help to protect our planet

* Creating our Eco Code

* Litter picking in the local area

* Ask Wigan Council to teach our Year 3 and 4 children about road safety

* Making a bug house and bird feeders

* Working with FOSB to set up the Preloved Uniform Shop