Welcome to Nursery Class

Hello and welcome to Nursery! 

It has been an absolute joy to meet all of our new children. It is a delight to open the door to such smiley little faces, they are settling in and having lots of fun and making new friends. It is an honour to be your child’s Nursery Teachers and we look forward to them growing in ‘Faith, Love and Learning’ over their time in Nursery. We look forward to working with you and if you do have any concerns, please don’t hesitate to contact us.

Miss Chivers and the Nursery Team

What to expect, when? Guidance to your child’s learning and development in the EYFS

As you know, being a parent is very special and amazing as you watch your child develop and grow up. It can also have little challenges. This booklet will help give you an example of some ideas and tips as to how you can help your child’s learning and development in Nursery.

Please click HERE to download What to expect, when? Guidance for Parents.

Please click HERE to download Early Educations, ‘Helping your child to cope with change’ Leaflet.

Hungry Little Minds

Please click HERE to follow the link to ‘The Hungry Little Minds’ Webpage for simple, fun activities for kids, from newborn to five.

Here in Nursery, it is a joy watching your child grow and develop, and we would like to celebrate all their achievements – whether they happen at School or at home with you.  We love to hear from you about the things your child enjoys or achieves.  We encourage Parents to share in their child’s achievements and you will have lots of opportunities to do this over their Nursery year.  You can also follow us on TWITTER.

We look forward to the year ahead and seeing your children grow in Faith, Love and Learning, as they start their Learning Journey in Nursery.

Nursery Curriculum

Please click HERE to download a summary of the EYFS Curriculum.

Please click HERE to download Prime Areas End of Year Expectations for Nursery.

Please click HERE to download Specific Areas End of Year Expectations for Nursery.  

Please click HERE to download EYFS Framework.

Please click HERE to download Early Years Outcomes.