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Reception Class Starting School Arrangements


If you are successful in securing a Reception place for your child, shortly after you receive the offer letter, you will be invited to attend a ‘New Starter’ Meeting in the Summer term before your child starts school. During this session you will receive all the information you will need for your child starting school.

  • You will receive a Starting School pack, with paperwork that needs to be completed that evening. This will include contact and pick up details and the day your child will start school. If you have brought your child’s birth certificate then we can also record that.
  • You will also receive information on school dinners, uniform, first aid procedures, Nurture, playtime buddies etc. 
  • The Reception Class teacher will also address some of the fears and anxieties that your child will have when starting school and how to overcome these by getting ready for school. We will provide you with a booklet providing ideas on things that you could be doing with your child before they start school, helping them to become ‘Reception Ready’.


When your child starts school you may have many questions. Here are some Parents most common concerns...


Is there a phased entry when starting school?

Yes, our Reception children’s entry is phased over two weeks. In order to introduce the new children gently into full-time school we have arrange for them to start school in smaller groups based upon their birthdays. You will receive your child’s start date when you attend the ‘New Starters’ Meeting.

These first 2 weeks are an important stage in the transition from Nursery to Primary School and helps your child to settle and get to know their Teacher. These start dates are strictly adhered to and when your child starts school they will start full time.


Will my child get to meet their Teacher before starting school?

Yes, you will receive an invitation for your child to join us for an afternoon in July. The children who attend St Bernadette’s Nursery will be coming in every week for a session in Reception.


Does my child receive a free lunch?

Yes, as of September 2014 all children from Reception Class to Year 2 are entitled to free school meals. We encourage all the Reception children to have a school dinner. You will receive more information on the variety meals and how you order these from home at our New Starter Meeting.


Can my child try these meals before they start school?

Yes, in the Summer Term, the children are invited to come to school and have a dinner. You can find out the arrangements and cost of the dinners at our New Starter Meeting.


If my child has any additional needs are we able to have a one to one chat with the Teacher prior to starting school?

Yes, if your child has additional needs, please call the school office to make an appointment to see Mr Hanley and the Reception Class Teacher. Please bring with you any information, details of support your child already receives, care plans if they have medical needs.


We are sure that your child will be very happy at St Bernadette’s and we are looking forward to teaching all the new children in September and working in close partnership with you, the parents.

If you have any questions which have not been answered, please contact the school office. We will update this page with common queries.