You are looking at the happy, smiley faces of the ‘fabulous family of Y3!’

Together we are venturing into the past to discover what happens in the Stone Age. We will explore the difficulties of survival and find out how early man developed as we move through the Bronze Age to the Iron Age.

We will investigate how to keep healthy through a balanced diet and look closely at how our skeleton and muscles work.

Join us on our learning adventures via class dojo!

Year 3 Short Videos

Join the family of St. Bernadette’s as we journey through Advent waiting and preparing to welcome Jesus on Christmas Day.  Year 3 lead us in 4 short videos to help us think about the meaning of the 1st Sunday of Advent.

In our music lessons we are learning to play the Samba drums, the xylophone and the African drums which will culminate in a performance for our family and friends. 

PE is also a very important part of our curriculum and we enjoy a wide variety of sports with enthusiasm, including swimming every Friday.